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At Rhino Assembly, our mission is to identify and deliver the world’s most innovative assembly solutions. We provide superior service, local expertise, and a high degree of responsiveness to empower our customers to be more productive, build a better quality product, and maintain a safe environment for their workers.


Rhino Assembly has over 25 years experience with a proven track record for success. Our technical engineers on staff are highly trained and have the ability to apply this knowledge and experience to solve difficult assembly problems. We are recognized as a quality service center in North Carolina, servicing tools for customers across the United States. Our portfolio covers a wide range of torque and power tools, calibration equipment, specialty material handling solutions as well as worker guidance and quality control products.



Each member at Rhino Assembly is proud to embrace a set of Core Values that contribute to meeting the Mission on a daily basis.

Each Core Value is equally important and as a whole achieve a quality and service level that goes above and beyond time and time again. Rhino Assembly values its employees, customers and suppliers and realizes the importance of maintaining strong relationships.

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Rhino Assembly's extensive product line can meet your production needs. We are a versatile organization that has the ability to service and manage your project needs through lean solutions consulting to maximize efficiency.

We can assist in ergonomic concerns, provide technical assistance, on-site application tool consulting and solutions, as well as procedure and lean assembly solutions.

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Rhino Assembly is committed to being your value added resource. By providing quality products and service, as well as the latest technology, Rhino strives to ensure that your assembly needs are not only met, but exceeded through efficiency and ergonomics . Rhino’s employees strive to give timely responses to inquires and appreciate the opportunity to be of service to your organization.