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Bottle Cap Torque Testers


Bottle Cap Torque Tester

CapStar II is a simple and easy to use digital torque tester. The accurate information provided can then be stored in the internal memory, and downloaded to a printer or computer.

The LCD digital read-out clearly displays the peak torque of each test. Preferred units of measurement may be selected from a list of seven options. Statistical analysis of sigma, mean and range is also available when the data is printed out.

Containers to be tested are located in adjustable jig capable of clamping circular or custom bottles and jars from 10 mm to 130 mm in diameter. Child resistant closures, much used in the pharmaceutical industry, can also be tested.
CapStar II is housed in a rugged, drip proof ABS housing with wipe-clean, touch sensitive controls. CapStar II is portable, battery powered and can be used with an optional mains battery charging unit. The screen displays a warning when the batteries need replacing or charging. To save power CapStar II switches off automatically if no key is pressed within a specified pre-set period.


  • Accurate digital measurement of bottle top torque (sigma, mean and range)
  • Up to 200 readings stored in memory with date and time stamping
  • Data can be downloaded to a printer or PC
  • Programmable torque threshold for fast and easy testing

Bottle Cap Torque Tester


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Bottle Top Tester

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