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Patented Flexible Template Technology

Patented Flexible Template Technology


Patented Flexible Template Technology

The Flexible-Template-System is a new-patented method (pending) of producing drilling templates of any thickness with any type of bushing to secure the power tool, absorb torque and position the drilling spindle in the correct position.  Constructed of multiple layers of thin materials, these layers allow the template to "flex" until it is positioned against the work piece surface. The bottom layer is laser machined directly from CAD drawings of the work piece surface to ensure an exact match. The two-piece drill bushings are located in bottom layer. Once installed on the workpiece surface with temporary fasteners, the two-piece drill bushings are tightened to "clamp" all layers into a rigid template. The template can now be used over and over again in this rigid condition with a perfect fix to the work piece surface.  The Flexible-Template-System offers a cost effective solution to the drilling of accurate holes, normal or curved surfaces. When compared to traditional tooling associated with this objective, the Flexi-temp offers a number of benefits.   


  • Reduction in Design Costs 
  • Reduction in Manufacturing Costs
  • Delivery
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Versatile
  • Aesthetically Distinctive 






Flexible Template Samples

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