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NEW! SEC Brushless Cordless Torque Tools

Bosch Production Tools

NEW! SEC Brushless Cordless Torque Tools

Bosch SEC-Exact cordless assembly tools make the assembly process easier, faster, safter, and more accurate.  Thanks to Bosch's patented SEC motors, the ability to control shut-off via motor braking is better than ever.  This means that the SEC-Exact is the most accurate cordless tool Bosch has ever made. The SEC-EXACT cordless series provides up to 100%speed increase over the standard EXACT range. Couple that with a weight reduction in select models that provides up to 70% better power to weight ratio, and your productivity is sure to dramatically improve. For example, the new SEC-EXACT 412 drops 300 grams compared to the standard EXACT 12, thanks to the use of a 9.6 volt battery. The increased motor efficiency of the SEC range means that all center-grip models need only a 9.6 volt battery to perform better than ever.The Bosch SEC motor has no brushes to wear out. But the most important feature is that this patented technology developed by Bosch does not need a sensor to know rotor speed and position! This provides a very efficient, wear-free motor system compared to any other brushless motor from any manufacturer in the world. This 3-phase brushless, sensorless motor is designed and manufactured by Bosch in Europe, thus insuring the highest quality standards are met and maintained. 


  • Achieve faster line speeds thanks to shorter tightening cycles: Work moves faster thanks to speed increases up to 100%.
  • Improved ergonomics, weight and reaction force translates into satisfied, productive workers that like using the SEC-EXACT tools
  • Reduces life-cycle costs due to wear-free components
  • Bosch SEC motors are the most efficient, durable and economical motors of their type in the world.


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Bosch SEC-Exact Brushless Tools

T-Grip Exact Cordless Tools

T-Grip SEC-Exact Cordless Tools

Bosch Production Tools
Torque Range: 0.2 – 12 Nm

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Angle / Straight Exact Cordless Tools

Angle / Straight SEC-Exact Cordless Tools

Bosch Production Tools
Torque Range: 0.5 – 60 Nm

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Custom  Geared Output Drive Integration

Custom Geared Output Drive Integration

Specially designed tubenut and offset heads can be applied to any of the Bosch Production cordless tools.

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Custom Multi-Spindle Nut-starters

Custom Multi-Spindle Nut-starters

Jemms Cascade
Specially designed multi-spindle attachments can be applied to any of the Bosch Production cordless tools

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Cordless Accessories

Batteries, battery charging technology, torque identification color rings, protective covers, tool holders & holsters

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NEW! Anti-mutilation sockets and extensions from Sigma Six

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Why use Bosch Cordless Technology?

  • Rhino Assembly’s supported line of cordless tools are ergonomic, lightweight, accurate, and repeatable
  • Rhino Assembly’s main line of Bosch EXACT drivers use ONE HUNDRED (100) TIMES less electrical energy than equivalent assembly tools run by compressed air
  • Rhino supported Bosch EXACT drivers are among the most accurate assembly tools on the PLANET.
  • The Bosch EXACT drivers are available with Bluetooth wireless technology for error-proof assembly control
  • Bosch EXACT tools are so durable we offer a 10-YEAR GUARANTEE on the clutch mechanism. If the clutch ever breaks, Rhino Assembly will fix it free of charge.
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